About Us

Farm Running Festival is a one-day event targeting all amateurs, weekenders, and professional runners including all age groups. It is a competition with festival vibes to make it more attractive. Besides running, there will be other outdoor leisure activities to engage all the attendees throughout the day with varieties of food and beverage stalls and good LIVE music.




Is there Shuttle Service for Non-particpants?

Yes, there can be arrangements for the shuttle service, however, Rs 500 per person is applicable. Itinerary is strictly as per the organizer. 

Is there entry fees for Non-participants?

Yes, Rs 500 will be charged with complementary beer / juice. However, there will be no entry fees for Kids under 12 years  of age. 

How to get prepared?

  1. Bring Waterproof gears and carry an extra pair of clothes
  2. Carry your own water bottle as refill center will be available
  3. Do not forget your sunscreen/ cap/ hat (as per your preference)
  4. Wear Quick Dry Clothes and proper sports shoes
  5. Bring slippers and a towel as shower place will be available
  6. Bring your waterproof picnic mat. It’s the perfect protection against moist grass – which is especially key if you’re bringing the kids.


  • Bring waterproof gears
  • Bring reusable water bottles
  • Apply sun protective gears and lotion
  • Bring an extra layer of clothing for all participants and parents
  • Bring mattress for your own convenience
  • Carry your personal medications dri-fit t-shirt and running shoes
  • Bring valid id card for registration
  • Take care of your belongings
  • Drink responsibly


  • Bring outside food and beverages
  • Litter around the venue and follow #leavenotrace
  • Indulge in illegal substances and drugs
  • Leave your children alone
  • Forget to have fun
  • Forget to tag us at instagram and facebook
  • Invade others privacy
  • Forget to cheer the participants

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